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All human subject research projects must be reviewed by Mines’ Human Subjects Research committee prior to the commencement of any research activities. The Human Subjects Research committee meets every two weeks to review all submitted applications, modification requests, and general questions. The committee will review each application to determine if it qualifies for one of the seven categories of exemptions under 45 CFR 46.101(b). If the application meets one of the exemptions but there are minor concerns or missing documents, the committee will work with the investigators to modify their application. Incomplete applications are returned to researchers with the missing or incomplete parts identified.

During review of any applications, the Human Subjects committee focuses on the following:

  • subject recruitment strategy
  • protection of the research data obtained and subject identities, or other personally identifiable information
  • procedures for obtaining informed consent, including the informed consent form
  • data collection, use, and disclosure
  • evaluation of risk towards the subjects
  • applicable compliance requirements

Researchers should allow a minimum of two weeks for an exempt review. Providing more details in the initial application often speeds up the review and approval process. 

For applications approved as exempt, the researcher(s) is sent an approval letter from the Human Subjects Administrator. The letter identifies which exemption category the research study has been approved for and requires the researcher(s) to notify the human subjects team if there is any necessary modification to the approved application.

Application for Exemption of Human Subjects Research
The human subjects research application is automated though OneAegis.

When logged in with your Mines SSO, Researchers will be able to:

  • Submit a new Application for human subjects research exemption;
  • Submit an Amendment to an existing application or study;
  • Submit an Inquiry of any type;
  • Complete the steps for an Annual Check In when notified.
Mines' Modification Request
Principal investigators must submit an updated application form for previously exempted research for proposed changes to the human subjects protocol or for addition of new investigators.

This application should be submitted through OneAegis.

The application for an Amended Application will ask for a  brief summary of the proposed modification explaining any changes to the previously approved study. Potential risks and benefits of a study and the overall risk/benefit ratio must be re-assessed and described, if applicable.

If your research was approved through OneAegis, please follow these DIRECTIONS.

If your research was previously approved through OnBase or our manual processes,  please follow these DIRECTIONS.

If you have any trouble or questions, please email

How to Submit An Application for Exemption of Human Subjects Research
Applications for Exemptions of Human Subjects Research are made through OneAegis which can be accessed using your Mines SSO.

For assistance, please reference our User Guide.

Please contact for any further assistance.

Human Subjects Committee Contact Info
Human Subject Committee:

Please visit our FAQ page for information on the application process.

oneaegis Getting Started - OneAegis

Upcoming Meetings

The Human Subjects Research committee meets biweekly, generally on Wednesdays. For information on the next meeting date, contact