Training Requirements

Mines requires all project investigators to complete the CITI on-line course pertaining to research practices involving human subjects. The course must be completed by all investigators, co-investigators, and student researchers prior to the project starting.

The Social and Behavioral Research or Biomedical Research course(s) may take several hours to complete. You may access, save, and continue on multiple occasions; you do not need to complete all of the modules at one time.

The Human Subjects Research committee will monitor completion of the training course for researchers with an approved application.

If you completed your training through another institution, follow the instructions below to link your prior institutional affiliation with Mines.

Enrollment & Course Instructions
1. Log In via CITI app. All users, no matter their prior status, are required to log in. Start at One you have signed in via SSO (Single Sign On), select the CITI Program app.
2. Registered, SSO-matched account holders that are in-progress in a course, skip to step 3 below.

*Users with existing CITI program accounts from other institutions will initially need to affiliate with Mines by clicking “Add Institutional Affiliation” under “Welcome, [your name]” to match youraccount with Mines SSO.

3. Next to “Colorado School of Mines”, click “View Courses”, then scroll to bottom. Under Learner Tools, click “Add a Course”.
4. At Select Curriculum screen, go to Question 2: Human Subjects Research, choose Social & Behavioral Research Investigators, Biomedical Research Investigators, or one of the others listed as prescribed by the PI of the study, and then click the Submit button.
5. This will add the course to your list of “Active Courses” and provide a link for you to access and complete the training course.
Support For questions regarding course expiration datesmerging two learner accounts or for other technical support, resources, and tips, please visit the CITI program support pages.