Human Subjects Research

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Human Subjects Research


Getting Started

I don't know if my project qualifies as human subject research or not.

Where do I start?

Mines Application Review and Approval

If my research could be approved as Exempt, what is the process?

External Review Process

I know my research requires an Expedited or Full Board approval.

What is the process for an External IRB review?


Application for Exemption

What do I need to submit to have my research reviewed by Mines?

What do I need to submit to have my researched reviewed by the External IRB?

Mines Modification Request

Changes need to be made to my previously approved research.

What do I need to do?

Reciprocity Agreement

I have a Co-PI at another institution with a full IRB.

Can we run our project through that IRB?



Is training required?

Where is training available?


Does Mines offer human subjects orientation for new faculty?

Policy & Regulations

Identifying Human Subjects Research

How do I know if my research is covered by human subjects regulations?

Approval Requirement

Is human subjects research permitted without prior approval?


How is compliance with regulations ensured?

How is the need for External IRB review determined?


Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about definitions, policy and procedure...



How does the human subjects research team at Mines assist investigators? How does it serve the school?


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